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 Banner Contest!!

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Sick Sigs
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PostSubject: Banner Contest!!   Banner Contest!! I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 01, 2008 6:25 pm

Looking for a new banner. We can make one ourselves if we wanted to, but we would like to let the users have a go at it.

Text: Anything, but must have the name Sick Sigs in there. Be Creative! Make a Slogan too if you want! Very Happy
Sub-Text(optional): Slogan or anything you'd like to.

Size: 700x150

Images/Renders: Your choice

Colors: Something that would match the black skin we have now, but it's your choice.


-Winner gets to be a VIP at Sick Sigs.
-Has his personalized status under his name on Sick Sigs.
-Colorized name on Sick Sigs.
-Has his/her banner placed at the top of the forums!
-Has access to the staff forum.

Good Luck Smile

P.S. Staff can participate as well!

Banner Contest!! Sephiroth2copy
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Banner Contest!!
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