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PostSubject: Photomanipulation   Sat Sep 06, 2008 3:12 am

the photo isn't here but if you follow the steps you will get a good effect.
In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create this:

I've provided a link to my original picture in case you'd like to use it.

[*]Open up your desired image and resize it as needed.
[*]Duplicate the layer
[*]On the duplicate layer, add a Gaussian Blur of 7 or 8 pixels (go to Filters | Blur | Gaussian Blur). You can experiment with different blur settings, but this is what I used.

Your duplicate layer should look like this:

[*]Now, go to Layer | Colors | Levels and adjust the settings of the duplicate layer like so:

[*]The last step is to adjust the blend mode of your duplicate layer. I used "Hard Light", but you experiment and see if you can come up with something you like.

You're done! Here's the final image:

Now wasn't that easy?! Very beautiful. Now add a border, some text and you've got yourself a great sig or avatar.

DecayedZombie used a similar effect on his Niagra Falls sig. Maybe he could share his steps if they're different than mine.

Happy Gimping!

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