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 [TUTORIAL] Creating a simple animated .gif with out the GAP.

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PostSubject: [TUTORIAL] Creating a simple animated .gif with out the GAP.   Sat Sep 06, 2008 3:27 am

like I said before this is a simple way to make a gif. so understand that I don't have photo's for you.

First off Id like to say that you can get smother results useing the (GAP) but this is often fine for most applications.

This will be very basic and I will leave you to of corse add you own twists and flares!

1. To get started I want you to make a new image of your own preferance below is an example of what I did.

2. You need to duplicate this frame as many times as you need to add the differnt "frames" you want. In the above example I duplicated the background four times making 5 layers

3. Here you can see the layers I made and you can also see I named the layers so I had reffernce to what was on them. Once you are done I want you to optimize your work, this is the step that saves excesive data and makes your animation load faster on web application.

4. From the image window I want you to select Filters/Animation/Optimize Gif... You will get a new layerd image that looks like the below image... at this point you can change the timing. That is the (1000ms) part of the layer name make it what you want.

Optimizing is what Gimp and other programs do to sort out the change in frames... Then the whole frame doesnt have to change just the effected area and thats how you save data size.

5. You can do whatever you want with the first Un-Optimized image but I want you to save the Optimized as YOUR_NAME_4_IT.GIF at any location on your computer. A window will popup and I want you to make sure you check the Save Animation and you will need to convert to Indexed color because that is what .gif supports. Click Export and then save and you should be done!

Questions and comments are always welcome here
so ask away!

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[TUTORIAL] Creating a simple animated .gif with out the GAP.
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