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 Members Need to Post!

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PostSubject: Members Need to Post!   Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:49 am

As some of you know its a hard job getting any forum off the ground, due to member's being a vital part in the growth of the forum. With that being said why haven't I seen any of you posting.

1) has this forum run its course? (I say no, there's a lot of graphic forums on the Internet)

2) how can we get back the fire we had in the summer. (With our core group of members posting and making Sig's for all)

3) what changes will help us get to our goal (its simple, our core group must post! At Least 5 time a day and 1 sig per week)

4)but what about people spamming the forum. (When people join and start spamming our Mods must move quickly and correct the problem, be it deleting the post or by PM the member about the spam we don't want to advertise for other site's or forums if the don't do the same for us) Period.

Now some of the change we made was, so members can own their own work not Sick Sig we are like your job, school, and you parents we are here to help you grow you skills in making sigs not to take your work from you. We want to show case your work here on Sick Sig!

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Members Need to Post!
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