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 Package Lists (READ)

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PostSubject: Package Lists (READ)   Fri Jul 25, 2008 6:56 pm

Packages are things you may get if you have your own forums and would like more posts and members on there. People from staff will give you high quality posts on your forums to give you a little boost. The more posts you have on Sick Sigs, the higher package you can get. Just to not get flooded. We do 3 packages at a time, so please be patient. _**You may only purchase up to 1 package a month**_

Package 1 (You need 10 posts on Sick Sigs)

-10 posts on your forums.
-1 new member.

Package 2 (You need 20 posts on Sick Sigs)

-30 posts on your forums.
-3 new members.

Package 3 (You need 40 posts on Sick Sigs)

-60 posts on your forums.
-6 new members.


Need a Sig? Click this icon! Refer us, click for more info!

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Package Lists (READ)
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